About Us

Breslin’s was established in 1979 by sisters-in-laws and best friends Gerrie & Mary Evelyn Breslin. These two beauties were definitely ahead of the curve. They opened their shop on Greenwood Ave in Jenkitown, PA in late December of 1979. They were both very excited about this venture and set out to prove that they were serious business women.

Mary Evelyn decided to pursue her nursing career and Gerrie took on sole ownership of the shop and moved it to West Ave. The shop thrived here for many years and came to have a very loyal following. Many people came to know and love Gerrie for her incredible blue eyes, her love of music & people & beautifully made clothing, her heart warming style, and her keen sharp eye for what her customers needed. She became not only a savvy shop keeper, but a friend and loyal listener to many joys as well as sorrows. She loved people.

Mary Evelyn and Gerrie in 2015

We miss her every day, but we try to carry her spirit with us in the shop. Her daughter, Katie took over for her in 2008 and has recently moved to 607 West Avenue in Jenkintown. Katie strives to fill the shop with carefully selected merchandise that gives a curated boutique vibe. She shares her Mom’s love of people, music, clothing and jewelry. Come on by and say hi. We hope to see you soon.